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Nutraceutical Testing for Safe Nutraceutical Products

In today’s society, the organic supplements and products are among the most sought items due to its capability to enhance the defense system of the body or treat various kinds of human ailments. These so-called “nutraceuticals” are made available in traditional health shops, online market platforms, and sometimes, even in local pharmacies. Even so, it is important for nutraceutical companies to test their items for compliance reasons as well as to ensure the safety of their customers.

Microbiology Testing

We all know that there are various forms of microorganisms that cause diseases to human beings. Because of this, it is significant for nutraceutical corporations to make sure their items are absolutely free from the bacteria, viruses, and fungi by going through microbial screening. Microbiology testing labs usually concentrate on microorganisms that include streptococcus, salmonella, E. coli, yeast, molds, and other know microbal pathogens.

2. Test for the Presence of Allergens

Allergens may induce allergic responses to some men and women. It can lead to conditions like itchiness but may also cause fatality due to constricted airways. This is the primary rationale why nutraceutical items must undertake allergen screening programs. Despite the fact that sometimes these factors that trigger allergies are not possible to do away with without removing the most effective component, it can be manipulated to a minimum degree that does not jeopardize the health of the user, yet still sustaining its great effect to the body.

ATP Testing

Every living creature on earth is made up of the compound referred to as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Hence, aside from microbial testing, the ATP testing may be used to determine possible contamination of nutraceutical products. Consequently, aside from microbial examining, the test for ATP may be utilized to ascertain sanitation and hygiene of the products.

Depending on the manufacturer, ATP testing has 3 classifications of scoring:

I.Pass result indicating the nutraceutical product is sanitary.
2. Caution Score – some areas might be contaminated and requires further monitoring and verification.
3. Fail Score – contamination of the product is evident, thus requires to discard the product or devise methods to promote hygiene and sanitation.

Testing for Existing Toxins

The source of nutraceutical products, in some cases, has natural contaminants that can bring about harm to individuals when taken in. Hence, testing for existing toxin is valuable to make certain that the product does not have any toxin before the company makes it available for consumption.

Tests for Protein

One of the most widely used testing solutions for nutraceuticals for its rapid result and convenience. Protein is found in microorganisms, thus protein testing is suitable to be used in sanitation detection programs.

The test for protein may base the result in color chart. A solution with copper-color or no change in color may suggest clean products, a solution turning into gray suggests some contamination, and a solution turning to green or blue would reveal heavily contaminated.

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