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Make-Believe Lives Part 8: Meet Ben, The Doctor Wannabe

Meet Ben, a smart and enthusiastic child who has his heart on his sleeve. Ben loves caring for individuals, that is why he also joined scouting to help those who are in need. He has known for his service in which he excelled in first aid the most. Out of curiosity, his father asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. No double takes Ben wanted to become a doctor. Ben’s father was a janitor and his wife had a minimum paying job how can they pay all the bills for school in that rate?

As Ben grew up he educated himself to learn more about scouting and all that is associated within and through this he continued to excel. There were many who suggested that Ben become a psychiatrist but no, he wanted to be a doctor.

Understanding that his family would not be able to pay his college tuition, Ben engaged in different activities that would take the mind off the stress.

Ben was able to know more info about trade school and how it can help him reach his dreams and through that he was able to build a plan for his future. Left scouting and he did odd jobs and because of his exemplary working attitude he was able to save enough money for trade school, his parent would not even pay a dime.

He was able to go to finish his course as a medical assistant, a much closer occupation to that of a doctor.

Ben was able to discover more about how life is more than just success and wealth.

Ben decided to go back to school and this was during this time that he came out publicly. The initial reaction was anger but they later learn to come in terms with it. Ben also decided to do a blog for his everyday journey through a website he created for himself.

Ben stopped his rendezvous when he met his partner Jake, a doctor at the hospital which he is working too.

Through time they realized that both of them are made for each other and gave marriage a shot. Ben and Jake decided to tie the knot if their conditions of both parties are met.

Jake is supposed to be free from the bondage of his student loans and Ben must reduce time doing work so that Jake can be filled in his schedule. Both complied with their designated conditions and are traveling the world together, which is documented through Ben’s blogs about the couple’s adventure.

The couple just had their first four-legged fur baby, together they are a family that proves happy ever afters exist.

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